Big Boss 13: Arti Singh’s Bhabhi, Kashmera Request Fans Not To Send Her Hate Messages For Arti

The year’s Bigg Boss has become one of the most controversial seasons in the entire show’s history. There have been fights and name-callings that have never been seen in the history of the show. One of the contestants that is leading to many controversies is Arti Singh. She has been known for her caring nature and also for putting out her opinion out there.

As the contestants’ family and close friends are supporting them with full power outside the Bigg Boss house. We have seen Arti Singh’s brother Krushna Abhishek supporting his sister whenever required. While Arti’s sister in law, Kashmera has something to say to her fans. While Arti is in the Big Boss house, her fans are messaging Krushna and Kashmera. Posting a picture, Kashmera wrote a caption where she has requested Arti’s fans to stop sending positive and negative messages to them as Kashmera and Krushna can’t send their messages to Arti’s who’s inside the Bigg Boss 13 house.

Along with a lovely selfie with her husband, she wrote, “Firstly I am a HUUUUGGGEE fan of BIGG BOSS so as a fan of the show I watch every episode whenever I can. Also, Arti being in the show is added reason for my interest. The reason I am posting here is for all the real Bigg Boss fans and Arti’ s fans, I cannot send messages to anyone inside. Bigg Boss is a reality show and having been a part of this show I know how cut off the contestants are from the outside world and they have no idea what is going on outside.”

It could be further read as, “We Cannot send them messages so stop flooding our inboxes with your positive and negative messages to be sent to Arti. I am happy Arti is playing her game whichever she thinks is right and is no way being influenced by Krushna or I or anyone else as we have no contact with her inside. Her game is her game. And as for her haters if you don’t like her that is just too bad. You have to watch her till she is inside or till she wins. Stop your hate and spread love. Plus I have stopped reading negative comments in my inbox @artisingh5 @krushna30 @rishaabchauhaan”

Although Arti and Shukla are bonding now but earlier, when Siddharth misbehaved with Arti, Krushna was very disappointed. Speaking about the same, he stated,”He doesn’t speak to women in a decent manner. He should be careful about that. He is very harsh, not just with Arti but with all women on the show. She should stop talking to him, who zyada kuch usko bolti nahi hai. He’s been fighting both verbally and physically, which is not good for an actor. He also has an image and a fan following. I don’t know him very well, but I think he is a nice guy. Situations become such in the Bigg Boss house that you react in such a manner. I also have a temper, but I control myself. He should also learn to control, that’s my suggestion for him.” in an interview with media portal.