Big Boss Narrator Vijay Singh Tested Covid Positive: Deets Inside

Vijay Vikram Singh — the narrator of Bigg Boss — has examined positive for COVID-19. Vijay, who has been related to Bigg Boss from 2010, confirms, “I examined positive recently, however, I didn’t have any symptoms. I underwent a check due to the fact I turned into alleged to attend an award function.” So, how has he been handling to document for Bigg Boss? He answers, “I had been recording for Bigg Boss from domestic for the beyond years, attributable to the pandemic.


Fortunately, I have a domestic studio and I manipulate to document all my voiceovers. Even after checking out fantastic, paintings have endured as typical due to the fact I haven’t any symptoms. I am taking precautions like steam inhalation, gargling, sipping heat water, etc., to make certain that the throat isn’t always affected.”

A voiceover artist, Vijay is likewise an actor, who has been part of numerous net shows. By his very own admission, each voiceover and appearing befell to him accidentally. He shares, “I met a casting director on one of the truth shows, wherein I changed into the voiceover artiste. He requested me if I should act and supplied me a component in The Family Man.” “The Family Man changed into observed with the aid of using different net shows. I am absolutely into appearing now and searching ahead to portraying flexible characters,” says Vijay.

With his newfound love for appearing, is there an opportunity for him to bid adieu to Bigg Boss withinside the future? “I will keep doing Bigg Boss until they inform me to leave. Until then you may listen me say ‘aagey dekhiye’,” he replies. While Vijay Vikram Singh is the narrator of the truth show, Atul Kapoor is the voice of Bigg Boss.

Recently, there has been confusion approximately who had examined fantastic among the, and a few reviews even stated that it changed into Atul. But we’ve hit on a document that it’s now no longer Atul however Vijay has examined fantastic.

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