Gaining weight is the easiest thing but shedding those extra kilos, burning the fat, wiping out the cellulite is the most difficult thing in the world. You can try on all the exercises, go on diets, and even stop stressing, yet the weight doesn’t go away. However, with sheer determination and a lot of hard work, you can definitely get rid of the extra fat. And the ex Bigg Boss 13 contestant Shefali Bagga did just that.

Shefali Bagga took to her social media and shared a then and now picture. Along with the picture, she also wrote a note stating her wieghtloss during the lockdown period and how inspired many fans. Shefali Bagga shared a then and now picture comparing her previous and current body. In one of the two, she had a super hot picture of herself in a yellow outfit and looked like sunshine. The other one was her in a yellow top over regular blue denim.

Sharing the picture, the Bigg Boss 13 contestant wrote, “Ok since transitions and transformations are in trend this lockdown, here is a picture which shows my transformation during this #lockdown.” Take a look at the picture:

Bigg Boss 13 Contestant Shefali Bagga

Shefali also mentioned that she has lost 3-4kgs during the lockdown and thanked her dietician for the achievement. Shefali mentioned that she has been following a very strict diet. Meanwhile, talking about the picture she mentioned that left was clocked before the lockdown and the right one is the most recent.