Bigg Boss 13 is going great so far. Last week, there was a fight between Devoleena Bhattacharjee and Sidharth Shukla and the argument got a little heated. In the heat of the moment, Devoleena called Sidharth and Psycho and then locked herself up in the bathroom. She cried inside and abused Sidharth Shukla as well. But now, her mom has come out to apologize to the actor for her daughter’s rudeness.

In an interview with The Times Of India, Devoleena’s mother also warned her against Rashami Desai and revealed how she encouraged her to find love and strike a connection inside the Bigg Boss house. In one of the episodes Devoleena called Sidharth a ‘psycho’ during a task, and it looks like her mother wasn’t too happy about this. She said, “Devoleena was wrong to call Sidharth a ‘psycho’. We shouldn’t use such words on TV. It wasn’t right for her. I am sorry on her behalf.”

Further, speaking about her daughter’s strategy on the show, she added, “She is playing a good game, she just needs to be careful about who she considers friends inside the house. She is handling everything else well and is being fair.”

Adding about how she feels Rashami might just ditch Devoleena at any point in the game, she said: “Rashami is also a smart player, but I think Devoleena should be more careful before trusting her completely. She might change her side.”

Apart from the above, Devoleena’s mom also spoke out about how she wants her daughter to find love on the show. She said, “Devoleena didn’t go inside the house to find love. But I wanted that. I also told Bigg Boss to see if she finds love in the house. I told her that if she likes someone, she can go ahead. I am ready to accept if the guy is good. I gave her the permission also.”