Bigg Boss 13 Exclusive: Paras Chhabra’s Girlfriend Reveals She Dated Sidharth Shukla Before, Says That’s Why Paras Is Angry At Sid

Sidharth Shukla’s temper is getting him a lot of footage in the thirteenth season of Bigg Boss. This Thursday, Siddharth got into a close fight with co-contestant Paras Chhabra and the two had a heated argument. It almost went out of hand.

It started when Paras told Sidharth, “I don’t understand what yo upto man,” Sidharth responded, “I am sure you don’t ‘under’ ‘stand’.” (Pause and Note: The word ‘understand’ was separated into two, there was a distinct pause. Unarguably, there was a double meaning connotation used). Paras shot back,”Aha, achcha, tabhi toh tumhari wali mere paas hai.”

The crew of got in touch with Akanksha Puri girlfriend of Paras Chabra to know the hidden meaning.

See, Sidharth and I are still in touch, he’s there for me. We don’t meet now. If and when we meet, we have a good time. But we never took it to the dating level. Sidharth was special and will remain special for me.

Did Sidharth ever tell you he’s getting attracted to you?

No, we never had that kind of equation. But good you called me, I am also getting calls and messages from my close friends that what’s going on. Mere driver ka bhi kuch mention hua tha ek episode mein.

Buzz is, your driver was earlier working with Sidharth and the car you have, has been gifted by Sidharth…

Car? Gift? My Dad hasn’t gifted me a car, yet. Please meet Sidharth when he’s out and ask him too. Bahut mehenat se maine ek gaadi li hai.

Buzz also is, you and Sidharth got involved on the rebound. Sidharth had broken off with Rashami Desai and you had broken off with Paras…

Nope, that’s not true. There was a phase when Paras and I had separated; he went to Pavitra Punia- but I remained single.

I was in touch with Sidharth during those days, but as I told you earlier, we never took it to the dating level. Maybe people saw me with him at public places and started speculating.

You must be hurt with Paras during those days. Did you confide with Sidharth what had gone wrong in your relationship with Paras? Friends share these things with each other…

Sidharth doesn’t like to talk such things. He is a very private person. Even when he had relationships, he never shared anything about them with me.

Frankly, my friends had made a rule that they won’t talk to me about my break-up with Paras as that would only upset me.

See the show to realise how private Sidharth is. Take the case of Shefali who admitted to your story of their relationship, but has Sidharth said anything? (pauses)

Go on…

So as I said, I feel Paras was referring to Shehnaz with that statement you asked me about.

Lekin shayyad ho bhi sakta hai (that he referred to me). I won’t deny that Paras holds a personal grudge against Sidharth aur woh nikal raha hai. Like you have heard link-up rumours about Sidharth and I, he also has heard them. Paras is not fond of Sidharth.

You know when he was leaving for Bigg Boss 13, I told him that either you and Sidharth will become best friends or things will worsen between you two.

Aur ab dosti hona to kahin se bhi nahin dikh raha.

Why did Paras and you part ways?

Because I was a very private person. He wanted to know almost everything and I used to keep certain things to myself. He likes a transparent relationship. He also wanted me to be very open about our relationship. It was he who said that we should take a break.

Has the relationship bettered after the split?

Yes, we have started understanding each other better.

Does Paras constantly want to know where you are, what you’re doing…

Yes he’s the same, but which BF does not want to know?


He told me one more thing before leaving for Bigg Boss 13: ‘This is my fu**ing script. I will play it the way I want’.

He is playing a game. He had told me that he will make the easiest angle when he sees one. Like, Shehnaaz was the easiest angle. She came across as desperate.


Yeah, she was all over him from Day 1.

You know, Paras had even told me ‘Main tumhare baare mein bhi kuch bhi bol sakta hoon’. It’s okay. Shehnaaz is also playing a game. And hasn’t it worked in Paras’ favour? I don’t think besides Sidharth, he has much competition.


Still, are you at peace with yourself when you put your head on the pillow? Doesn’t Shehnaaz’s closeness to Paras haunt you?

I had told Paras before he went, ‘Aisa kuch hoga toh yaad rakhna, you’re in front of 150 cameras but there’s no camera on me’ (laughs).

I am at peace with myself. Paras knows where to draw the line. Besides, we both have chosen an actor as our partner. So physical intimacy at times is the demand of the role you’re playing, it’s not coming with emotion.

He has temper issues…

Yes, and I am missing those. Chillum chilli karta hai but he cools down in 5 minutes.

We hear, he underwent counselling…

He has anger management issues but I have no idea if he ever went for counselling. His mother has also helped me to understand him better; we ignore him when he gets infuriated.

Why did Pavitra and Paras split?

Pavitra was just on the rebound. They both were very clear with each other that hum ek doosre ke saath chill maar rahe hain. If you are serious about anybody, would you start posting pictures in 3 days of knowing him/her? They did just that.