Bigg Boss 13 House A Museum: Take A Complete Inside Tour Before Everyone Else

Bigg Boss is one of the most controversial reality shows in India and people love watching other celebs locked inside the house for as long as 90 days. Apart from the catfights and bullying, one this that keeps fans entertained is the Bigg Boss house. This house is spectacular and gets new improvisions each season. And as Bigg Boss Season 13 is about to commence,  people are eagerly waiting to get an inside tour of the beautiful house. If you are also among them, let’s take you for an inside tour.

The eye that never blinks!

What’s their next move?

Drawing the knives – who will be the kitchen king/queen?


Youthful pop arts & Underlying messages


The Garden beckons

Double B, the gates are open!

A living room fit for a king!