Bigg Boss 13: Mahira Sharma Says ‘Paras Used To Like Me, So Not Dating Akanksha Anymore’

Big Boss 13 has come to an end and Mahira managed to make her place in top 7. Some people hated her and some loved her, some even blamed her for Paras and Akanksha’s break-up. Even though she was always clear that she only likes him as a friend, her actions didn’t say the same. Have a look at what she wants to say about all the things in an interview with SpotboyE:

Your fights were more with Shehnaaz Gill?
Uske saath meri itni zyada fight nahi hui. But dikhate zyaada uske saath the, pata nahin kyun.

Paras’ ex girlfriend Akanksha Puri was upset on seeing your close connection with him…
Paras used to like me but that liking doesn’t mean that he wants me in his life and as for the rest, it’s their personal matter. I don’t think they are dating anymore. Mere saath uska aisa kuch nahi tha. I shared a familial bonding with him. And now, he is all set for his Swayamvar.

Agar aisa kuch hota toh main bol deti ki kuch hai, and nahi bhi bolti toh at least main usse yeh Swayamvar show toh nahi karne deti. Woh kar raha hai Swayamvar matlab woh mera sirf dost hai.

Is it that you’ll did fall in love but things didn’t work out later?
I don’t like to break relations. Once I build a relation, be it friendship or anything else, I like to maintain it. I’m very loyal person. Mujhe nahi pasand ki aaj iske saath, fir kal jhagda karke dusre ke saath, main aisi nahi hoon.

You weren’t exactly on good terms with Asim Riaz for sure… It’s not like we hated each other, he is a nice person. But sometimes, the situations were such that we used that we ended up fighting. Later, we did get friendly with each other.

You had problems with Rashami Desai too…
Baat yeh thi ki sab upar se mujhe hate karte the, but andar se mujhe pasand karte the. Rashami bhi mujhe pasand karti thi aur main bhi. She even told me that.

Tell us about the BIG FIGHT that happened between Sidharth Shukla and Arhaan Khan. How did you react to that?
Mujhe toh Arhaan Day 1 se hi samajh nahi aaya. The first time when he entered the show, I thought he’s a very nice person but later, when he entered as wild card, I was like ‘Who is he?’ He used to pretend a lot, then he used to create a lot of fights. Agar kisi aur ka jhagda hota tha, he used to intervene and escalate it.

Rashami eventually learned about his wife and child?
I am very happy about that. I believe that whatever happens, happens for a reason. Thankfully, she got to know what kind of a person he is.

How was your equation with Himanshi?
She’s a very nice person.

What about her love story with Asim? Do you think it will stand the test of times?
Kyun nahin? Asim ne bahut baar naam liya unka andar. And mind you, Himanshi had love in her eyes when she re-entered. I saw it in her eyes. They look very cute together.