Bigg Boss 13: Siddharth Dey Calls Aarti Singh ‘Characterless’, Her Sister-In-Law Kashmera Shah Says It’s A Game

Bigg Boss 13 took an ugly turn this Friday when the inmates were faced with a new challenge. Those nominated for elimination were given a chance yo save themselves by not letting go of their partner’s hand. Dyeing the task, Siddharth Dey was paired with Paras Chhabra and the two had quite a difficult time, all thanks to other contestants.

During the task, Aarti was hell-bent of getting Siddharth and Paras to leave hands. To start off, she started tickling Siddharth. In order to stop Aarti, Siddharth called her things and one such was ‘Characterless’. On the same incident, Arti’s sister-in-law, Kashmera Shah, who was also a contestant on Bigg Boss 6 has shared her point.

Talking to, Kashmera Shah has taken Siddharth Dey’s side instead of Arti and said, “It’s a game. I am sure if Dey was outside, he would not say such things to any girl. And I am sure he would never be in a situation where he would have to sit in one place holding someone’s hands while someone was wiping unwanted things on his face. In Arti’s defence, she was doing a task where she had to do stuff to make Dey give up the task. She also stood up for herself. So, a request to everyone watching that this is just a task and not real life. In reality, both would not be put in such situations and would not have reacted like this.”

However, Aarti’s brother, Krushna Abhishek have a different take on the incident. While talking to the website he said, “I’m shocked that Siddhartha Dey could do this. He knows me and my family. How could he do this to a woman? How could he do this to my sister? He is losing his fans. Log usko hi gaaliyan de rahe hain. He shouldn’t have done this.” When Krushna was asked if he would confront Siddharth, he had replied, “Of course, I will confront him. Arti is my sister. I may even go to the show and ask him in front of Bhai (Salman Khan) that what was all that about.”

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