Vikas Gupta who said to be the mastermind of Bigg Boss is making headlines for his personal life. ever since he has entered the BB 14 as a challenger he has revealed some of his darkest secrets on National TV. A few days ago, Vikas revealed that he was in a relationship with a former contestant for one and a half years and it affected him mentally. Now, during a recent episode, Jasmin Bhasin was seen discussing Vikas Gupta’s behavior to Rubina Dilaik and wild card contestant Sonali Phogat.

Jasmin was seen telling Rubina, “Tell me one thing, did he (Vikas Gupta) behave like this when he used a channel? And when he would produce a show with 150 log, sabko ungliyon pe aise nachata hai? This is not what he is behaving here. Why is he behaving like this here? Because he makes youth-oriented shows… all the kids come to audition. He is the youth face here so he is trying to create all these cute moments. But how much does it look manufactured and fake.”

Replying to Jasmin, Rubina was seen saying, “But he says that ‘main show ke hisaab se sochta hu.” Jasmin reacts, “I have seen Vikas Gupta,” to which Rubina responds, “He will twist a simple thing and present it so that it looks intelligent. What does the outsider see? ‘Oh my God, he is so intelligent.” Further, Sonali Phogat was seen telling Jasmin and Rubina, “And while doing this, when he confuses his part… he ends up crying.” Jasmin tells, “I really feel something is wrong with him.”

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