Aly Goni went into the house on November 4, and from that point forward, he has been kept up in an isolated room, isolated by different contestants with a glass door separating them. He and Jasmin Bhasin have been close friends, and are likewise getting along on the show. While Aly has been playing a decent game up until this point, he will be seen losing his calm and hitting harshly against the glass door isolating him from different candidates.

Jasmin Bhasin, Kavita Kaushik, and different housemates are completely stunned by his action. He can be seen shouting, “Na mic pehnunga na khana khaunga. I swear mai tod dunga ek-ek cheez yahaan pe abhi,” he said. While talking with somebody, he likewise added, “Jo ukhaadna hai ukhaadne de.”Notwithstanding, Bigg Boss criticized Aly for his harsh actions, after which he was sorry. Jasmin Bhasin was elated as her friend was at last with them in the house and embraced him.

Thereafter, Aly was seen giving an oil massage to Jasmin, and Rahul Vaidya was amazed by their bond, and he said he needed a friendship like that in the house as well. Jasmin then took Aly to the BB shopping mall, and it was there she advised Aly not to give attention and play with different young ladies. She said she gets desirous and doesn’t wish to see him with any other person inside the BB house since he has come inside for her. “tu zyada ladkiyon par dhyaan mat de, bas mujhpe de,” says Jasmin.

She additionally let him know, “Ye sab bahar,” saying he could tease and meet girls outside the house, yet not inside Bigg Boss 14 since he has come for her. Yesterday, Farah Khan and two different journalists flame the contestants, and it will proceed even today. Afterward, a nomination task will occur, yet it won’t be the usual one. Competitors should forfeit something they love to spare the other contestants.