Bigg Boss 14: Rahul Mahajan Reveals Rakhi Sawant Used To Get Beaten Up For Dancing In Her Childhood

Bigg Boss 14 is becoming more interesting with each passing day, especially after some recent entries of former contestants. Two of the most entertaining contestants are Rakhi Sawant and Rahul Mahajan who are trying their best to entertain the audience with their antics. Rakhi and Rahul who used to be good friends, are often seen locking horns with each other. During a recent episode of the reality show, Rahul Mahajan reveals some shocking details about Rakhi Sawant’s childhood.

In yesterday’s episode of Bigg Boss 14, Rahul Mahajan was seen discussing Rakhi Sawant’s personal life to Arshi Khan and Sonali Phogat. He said, “You want to know why she behaves so possessive? She has become very lonely. Though I have met her only once, but she calls me her friend. She told me she has a husband, named Ritesh. Uske saath suhaag raat bhi nhi hua hai, do saal se mila bhi nhi hai. She is mentally very alone. She wants that whatever happens, someone should come to her. She has all these built up insecurities. She finds herself alone in the world. Her mother is sick, father nhi hai…bhai behen ka kuch na kuch, pati bhi nhi milta hai…she is very lonely.”

Soon Rahul Vaidya joins their conversation and Rahul Mahajan adds, “Father nahi hai… father ne uske bachpan me maara hoga, peeta hoga. Childhood me usko bahut maarte the dance karne ke liye. She has daulat, shouhrat but apne log nahi hai. She feels she has a character to maintain. There is a clash between the real Rakhi and the Rakhi that is known to the world.”