Bigg Boss 16: How Tina Dutta’s Mother Became A “Meme Material” Overnight? Read On To Know More!

The show had an amazing and emotional weekend, as family members of the contestants, made a warm visit, inside BB house. The housemates were overwhelmed meeting their loved ones after so long. The family episode had all sorts of sour-sweet & funny moments, to entertain the audience. Out of all these, a funny moment of Tina’s mother, is creating buzz all over the internet.

First of all, Tina’s mother Madhumita, entered the house singing Bengali song “Ekla Chalo Re”. Since, she was singing the Bengali lyrics in such a funny way, Contestant Archana Gautam burst out laughing. Archana was sitting on a nearby sofa, when Madhumita Ji made her entry, and Ms. Gautam couldn’t control her laughter after listening to such unique Bengali Lyrics and entertained everyone.

The second instance was way too funny and hilarious as Tina’s mother went through the case of “mistaken identity”. Tina’s cat fight partner Sreejita Dey was standing in the kitchen area, in a statue position, on Bigg Boss’ order. Tina’s mother went towards the kitchen area, and gave a strong-motherly hug to Sreejita, assuming her to be daughter Tina. After a while, Tina’s mother saw Sreejita’s face and instantly took a step back. Tina’s mother looked really embarrassed for not being able to recognize her own daughter. Contestant ‘Archana Gautam’ witnessed the entire incident, and gave good amount of gossip to the entire house & audience.

Eventually, Tina’s mother’s clumsiness gave a good amount of content to the meme creators. Since the day this funny incident have occurred, funny memes and videos of the same have been going viral. Funny memes pages, are recreating this particular incident copying Tina’s mother. The memes and funny videos is receiving very good response. In short, people are loving Tina’s mother ‘Madhumita’ as the new meme sensation and considering her as a boss lady to become a Meme sensation overnight!