Here is how Bigg Boss is biased towards Hina Khan, Arshi Khan reveals everything after her eviction

Ever since Bigg Boss 11 contestant Arshi Khan got evicted from the show, she has been making news for revealing shocking facts about her co-contestants on the show. For all those who follow the show regularly must be knowing that last week all the contestants who discussed nominations inside the house were directly nominated.

However, Hina Khan wasn’t seen discussing anything about nominations with anyone and as a result got saved from nominations. But after coming out of the house, Arshi shared that Hina did discuss nominations with her and she shared that she would be nominating Puneesh Sharma. But this piece of information was never brought before the viewers of the show.

On the show, Arshi never shared a great bind with Hina Khan. However, in the last days she was seen chatting with her most of the time and she used to call her ‘Appi’. After getting evicted from the show, she is speaking all ill about her. In an interview, she said, “She thinks very highly of herself and has this attitude that we all are losers in front of her. She used to always boast about herself of wearing branded clothes and working in the industry for 8 years. I think usko toh dhakke maar ke show se bahar nikal dena chahiye. But unfortunately, she will make it to the finale. She is playing a very dirty game. Hina used to take 3 hours to get ready during weekend ka vaar and wore all rented clothes. Imagine she came with so much planning.”

Well, Arshi Khan has been speaking a lot about her co-contestants ever since she is out of the show. She has been supporting Vikas Gupta like anything and wants him to win the show. We really don’t know if what she revealed about Hina Khan is true or not. If Hina really discussed nominations with Arshi then why did Bigg Boss spare her? Well, that’s what is still to be uncovered! Stay tuned.


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