Billie Eilish ‘Throws Shade’ At Taylor Swift; Calls Out For Releasing Multiple Album Versions

Billie Eilish’s recent statement about big artists’ wasteful packaging has riled up fans. Defending a famous artist, fans call Eilish a hypocrite!

Did Bille Eilish take a subtle jibe at Taylor Swift? Swifties think so.

The Bad Guy singer is an advocate for sustainability, especially when it comes to record releases. Even though she made a conscious effort to produce reusable vinyl, some well-known artists are releasing copies of the same album in public to increase their earnings.

Taylor Swift fans believe Eilish’s statement is a dig at the ‘Blank Space’ singer. The Swifties came to her defence!

Bille throws shade at Taylor Swift

During an interview with Billboards about her career graph, Bille Eilish didn’t hesitate to express her “frustration” over some artists’ marketing strategies.

“We live in this day and age where, for some reason, it’s very important to some artists to make all sorts of different vinyl and packaging, which ups the sales and ups the numbers and gets them more money and gets them more,” commented Eilish.

The singer criticized how “big artists” get away with releasing multiple records of the same album when sustainability is the need of the hour.  “It is right in front of our faces, and people are just getting away with it left and right, and I find it frustrating as somebody who goes out of her way to be sustainable,” she claimed.

Eilish also added that it’s some of the biggest artists in the world making 40 different vinyl packages that have a different unique thing just to get you to keep buying more.

Fans Hit Back Bille Eilish

Eilish didn’t name-drop anyone in her controversial statement. However, fans were quick to connect the dots. At the 2024 Grammys, Taylor Swift announced her newest album, ‘The Tortured Poets’ Department’. It will be released in four versions. Each version will have the base 16 tracks plus new bonus tracks.

Swift supporters appear to believe that the Oscar-winning singer subtly disparaged Swift’s TTPD marketing plan.

“The dig at Taylor and other similar artists about charts and numbers was unnecessary. It detracts from her original point. Billie herself put out multiple vinyl variants (sustainably), so her point about chart and number obsession is hypocritical,” a fan on X commented.