BJP MLA Ram Kadam Tweets About Sonali Bendre’s ‘Dea*th’; Gets TROLLED Badly

Social Media has become a matter of grave concern these days. It has become incredibly easy for anyone of spread baseless rumours and it is equally easy to be gullible and fall prey to such farce facts. BJP MLA Ram Kadam tweeted about actress Sonali Bendre’s ‘dea**th’. He wrote about how the actress is no more and dies in America. The original tweet was in Marathi, which loosely translated to Bollywood and Marathi diva” Sonali Bendre “has passed away in America” He wrote condolence for Sonali and paid her respect through his words.

Ram Kadam got trolled badly on the social media for his insensitive tweet. He later realised that the news of Sonali’s dea**th is a hoax and deleted his earlier tweet. In another tweet that followed the previous one, he wrote: “About Sonali Bendre ji, it was rumour for the last two days. I pray to god for her good health and speedy recovery.”

Sonali is currently undergoing cancer treatment in the U.S. and keeps her fans posted about her health and life through her social media. She recently posted her picture wearing a wig and sporting a heartwarming smile. She wrote: “Vanity is my favourite sin.” She also wrote how she was doubtful before getting herself a wig, thinking that she might be falling prey to vanity. “Who doesn’t like looking good? The way we look has a profound psychological impact on us… A little vanity here and there does no one any harm. “

She credited Priyanka Chopra for connecting her with a hair artist who created her new look.

Here’s wishing Sonali a speedy recovery.


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