Bobby Deol Opens Up About His Career Graph: ‘Before I Could Get Any Bigger…’

Actor Bobby Deol, who is enjoying the blockbuster success of Animal, in a recent interview opened up about the career graph of his brother Sunny and himself and candidly accepted how it has been full of ups and downs. Well this year has ben an incredible year for Deol family. with Sunny Deol making the comeback of the decade with Gadar 2, Dharmendra hitting it out of the park in Rocky Aur Rani Kii Prem Kahaani, and Bobby Deol basking now in the blockbuster success of Animal

This year had been great for the Deol brothers

When asked about if Sunny’s struggle is similar to his, Bobby said, “He was a bigger star than me and he lost it. I was a star, but before I could get any bigger, my career went down. Yes, it is difficult but he never lost the self-belief. He is a very strong man. He has always believed that people have to just believe in him and when those kind of subjects comes his way… and he proved it… making a sequel of a film which is 22 years old and to break records. My brother is the best.”

Animal star Bobby Deol further admitted that the whole family derives strength from one another, and said his father Dharmendra, has been a great support to him during hard times. “He has seen my struggles. He knows me inside out and he knows what I am capable of. He has always been honest with me. I have been in the industry for 28 years, and now he tells me, ‘Kuch bhi kar sakta (You can do whatever you want.)’ I mean it is a proud moment for any father to see his children’s struggle (pay off).”

Bobby Deol said his father said, ‘Kuch bhi kar sakta’ (You can do whatever you want)

However, Bobby confessed that he could not express himself to his father during his low phase. He said, “I wouldn’t be able to tell him anything but he would see what I was going through with my life and it would upset him. Maybe, he wanted to shake me up and tell me, ‘Where is your self-belief gone?’ But it is not easy. A person has to understand it himself,”



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