Bobby Deol Reveals Vidhu Vinod Chopra Once Allegedly Bit Manoj Bajpayee’s Wife’s Hand

In a recent interview, actor Bobby Deol brought to light a disturbing incident allegedly involving director Vidhu Vinod Chopra during the filming of the 1998 movie “Kareeb.”

Deol recounted an incident where Chopra asked actress Shabana Raza to bite her hand during a scene. Deol claimed Raza appeared visibly uncomfortable and confused during filming, alleging that Chopra had a history of yelling at her on set. According to Deol:

“There’s a fragility about her. Kareeb was my third picture, and I was starting to feel settled. Neha was raw. Vinod also treated her poorly. He’d shout at her continuously. No one approached me, maybe because my father is well-known. For one scenario, Neha had to descend the mountain and give me her left hand. But she kept becoming puzzled. When she couldn’t get it right after several tries, Vidhu instructed her to bite her right hand. She did, but she got it incorrect on the following take. After 20 takes, Vidhu lost his calm. Do you know what he did? He bit her right hand. I was too surprised to react. Poor thing, she was shaking with fear. But even in the acceptable take, she extends her right hand.”

Industry Response

The incident has reignited discussions about the treatment of women in the Hindi film industry. Several actresses have come forward to share their own stories of harassment and abuse, highlighting the need for change within the industry.

Shabana’s Life

Shabana starred in a few hugely successful films after her breakthrough feature, Kareeb, including Fiza, Koi Mere Dil Mein Hai, and Hogi Pyaar Ki Jeet. According to rumours about Shabana’s private life, she allegedly met Manoj Bajpayee, considered to be the love of her life, immediately after Kareeb.

After that, they maintained contact and quickly grew close. In the end, their friendship developed into love, and in 2006, after eight years of courtship, Manoj and Shabana were married. The pair welcomed motherhood five years later, in 2011 when their daughter Ava Nayla was born.

Calls for Change

Although authorities have not formally investigated the incident, it has sparked conversations about creating a safer and more equitable workplace for all industry professionals. Open dialogue and continued support for victims are crucial steps in addressing systemic issues of harassment and abuse in Bollywood.

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