Bollywood Actress Amrita Rao Recreates The ‘Jal Lijiye’ Scene But With A Twist, Her Husband RJ Anmol Reacts To It

By Shivani Ujjainwal

Amrita Rao shared an exciting clip of her take on “Jal Lijiye” as the scene sparked a meme fest trolling on social media.

Amrita Rao’s “Jal lijiye”( Please have some water), the line from the 2006 hit movie Vivah, went viral on social media recently, as it urged an outburst of memes and jokes. On Sunday, Actress Amrita Rao recreated the scene on Instagram reels video and Twitter and Facebook account as well but she gave an unexpected twist at the end of the video to her fans.

Her husband Anmol Sood aka RJ Anmol reacted to her video and wrote,” she’s so naughty, along with a laughing emoji.

In the video, Amrita Rao is seen with a glass of water in her hand and offering “Jal”. Suddenly she excuses herself for a minute and returns with a bucket of water, which shows that she throws water at the camera and says ” Aur Jal chahiye? Kab Se keh rahi hoon “Jal lijiye” Naha lijiye, Happy Holi. I have been offering water for so long. Go and take a bath, Happy Holi, she said and laughed at the end of the video and went off.

Her fans also commented on her video on social media and many appreciated her and addressed her cute and the ending was unexpected, one wrote.

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