Bollywood Actresses who conceived before marriage

Today, women have turned stronger and bolder, they are voicing their rights and taking a stand. Still, a lot of issues make them sit back and wonder if they really belong to this society. One among them is premarital pregnancy. While it may not be a big deal for some, it is still has a big taboo attached to it for many. If we talk about Bollywood, there are many B-Town actresses who conceived before marriage. But how they dealt with it is different!

1. Konkana Sen


It isn’t a hidden fact that Bengali beauty Konkona Sen was dating her co-actor Ranvir Shorey before marriage. After she married him in private giving birth to a baby boy, this gave rise to the speculation of her being pregnant before marriage which she never acknowledged herself.

3. Mahima Choudhary

Mahima Choudhary married her boyfriend Bobby Mukherjee in 2006. But her secret marriage and a baby soon after, suggested of her having a baby before the wedlock. She gave birth to a baby girl just a few months later.

4. Amrita Arora

Amrita Arora’s marriage with businessmen Shakeel Ladak came more as a shock than as a surprise, as no reports of their dating were reported earlier. Even their marriage was a private affair. But the baby announcement soon made it clear to the world what had happened.

Motherhood is a blessing in any woman’s life. But conceiving before marriage may outrage the society and that’s what Indian society is all about. They question women’s character without giving a second thought about it. That’s the reason why many woman try to keep it a private affair.


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