Bollywood Vs South Cinema: Mahesh Bhatt Replies To Mahesh Babu On His Controversial Statement!

There is a lot of ruckus over the statement given by South Industry’s superhit Actor Mahesh Babu on Bollywood. In a new public interview, the entertainer took a dig at the Hindi film industry, saying that Bollywood can’t afford the cost of him. In his statement, he refused to come to Hindi cinema.

So far many stars have reacted to this statement of Mahesh Babu. At the same time, Mukesh Bhatt has also presented his opinion on this whole matter.

Mukesh Bhatt gave his reaction to Mahesh Babu’s statement in his latest interview. He said that if Bollywood cannot afford Mahesh Babu’s fees, then it is a good thing. I wish all the best to him. I respect the place where he comes from. There is talent in him and there is a price for this talent. He is a successful actor. What is wrong with what he wants from Hindi cinema if Bollywood could not live up to his expectation.

Talking about the fees of artists, Mukesh Bhatt said that why does anyone gets excited by someone’s prize tag. If I want to work for someone for free then it is my wish and if I want to charge Rs 100 crore for the work then it is my wish. I am also true that there is no price fixed in our industry. For me, sometimes actors have worked for half a penny and sometimes the opposite has happened. Nothing is fixed in this industry. Here the fees of actors and directors are decided to keep in mind many things in the film.

In the last, Mukesh Bhatt also said that sometimes in a project it is also important that how is your relationship with the makers. It has been seen many times that if an actor wants to work with successful makers, then he works for free and sometimes works for the makers more than his hard work. Here we work on emotion.