Bollywood’s Big Names ‘Terrified’ By Pakistani Talent? TV Presenter Nadia Khan Sparks Row With Bold Claims

Are Bollywood's Big Names Shaken by Pakistani Talent? Nadia Khan Sparks Controversy with Bold Claims!

A clasp of Pakistani entertainer and television presenter Nadia Khan is getting consideration on X (Previously Twitter), in which she is guaranteeing that top Bollywood entertainers, ‘counting the Khans’ are shaky of the capable artists from Pakistan.

She was talking on an episode of ‘Kya Show Hai: Whole Adaptation’. A clasp of her provoking Indian celebs was imparted on X to, “I want her dream.” Many are responding to it.

What Nadia Khan said about Indian actors

Nadia Khan said about Indian entertainers she said in Urdu, “In the wake of working in their movies, Fawad Khan and different Pakistani celebs are so famous in India that a portion of Bollywood’s top entertainers became unreliable about them. They simply attempted to make a policy-driven issue between the two nations and ensured our artists were prohibited there (After Uri’s assault). It was not only the Indian legislators that disapproved of us, the top entertainers there were terrified.”Are Bollywood's Big Names Shaken by Pakistani Talent? Nadia Khan Sparks Controversy with Bold Claims!

Nadia further said, “It isn’t simply an anxiety toward getting films, but additionally how much the Indian public was beginning to cherish Pakistani entertainers. They were so terrified of our ability that they got us prohibited. As of late what our entertainers Wahaj and Bilal (Apparently alluding to Wahaj Ali and Bilal Abbas Khan), have done has unveiled the Indian Go Gaga for them… these stars in India are viral, you have no clue about their fan continuing in India. Indeed, even the Khans (Aamir Khan, Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan) are shaky – ‘If these young men come in our movies, how will we respond?'”

How Twitter responded to her claims

Answering Nadia’s clasp, an X user inquired, “Is she okay??!!” To which, an individual responded, “Apparently not.” A post read, “Delulu ki bhi seema hoti hai (There’s a limit to delusion).” A person joked, “Khans are shaking.” One said, “She is high.” Reacting to the host’s expression as Nadia spoke, one tweeted, “Anchor’s energy (laughing emoji).” Another reacted, “He’s dumbfounded.”
Some agreed with Nadia.

One wrote, “Dude I am Indian. I love my country, but whatever she is saying is true; the insecurity amongst the top actors is the reason they banned them (Pakistani artists)… Ranbir Kapoor is the best actor Hindi cinema has produced in the coming 50 years, but in Ae Dil Hai Mushkil, Fawad Khan’s 10-minute role, just his sheer screen presence, was one of the best. Of course, there will be insecurity.”


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