Book Review : The Shadow of Darkness by Priyanka Baranwal

Another book from the author of “It’s never too late” is out and it seems really intriguing. Priyanka Baranwal has this time written a sequel to her previous novel. This story holds a very common but not really understood topic of child trauma. The story traces back to the night where Maya fought criminals and saved herself and her daughter. Who knew that this night wasn’t over. It never went off from her daughter, Sejal’s mind. That horrific night resulted in nightmares and trust issues and turned into the childhood trauma. Even after 12 long years, she is facing difficulty to overcome that incident. The way she keeps positive approach towards life and the way she fights her won shadows makes her stand tall in the crowd.

This story takes a turn when Sejal meets a boy, Kartik. They both are shown exhibiting poles apart personalities. Entry of this “Not from India boy”, Kartik takes us to a different track. The chemistry which is developed and the relation which is evolved between them is really well written. The writer has put all her efforts to make this fictional character stand like the real one, just like any other contemporary girl.



A similar incident happens with Sejal in her teenage which puts her in the even worsened situation. This incident made her life full of darkness once again. But this time her family even her best friend couldn’t help her out, unlike the last time. With Kartik starting to fall for Sejal gives the readers a rapturous love story.

How the last story of Priyanka Baranwal was about the hidden and undiscovered power of Woman, this sequel to it is about fighting ones fear. The well-titled book “the shadow of darkness: it ends where it started” is an exemplary write up.

Now will Kartik help Sejal fight her demons or will he leave her?

Will he love her unabashedly?

Get this amazing novel and find out yourself.


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