Book review: Super Women by Prachi Garg

Women were not born to compete with men, their existence is to do everything men can and can’t do. Its the uniqueness that makes them special. The ability to juggle work and home, the tenderness of heart in being a mother and the stiffness while being a protector on the borders.

Here is a book with 20 exceptional and inspirational women entrepreneurs who created a niche in a world largely dominated by men. In fiercely and self – centered world where everyone wants to be on top these ladies  abandon all the luxuries and choose the less traveled path. They challenge the challenges that come in their  way and fight like wonder woman by becoming helping hands for others.

Prachi Garg herself is an entrepreneur, writer, traveller and an exemplary author and the finder of these amazing hidden talents. Putting together 20 inspirational stories of some common women doing something uncommon each day.

This book will not only motivate  you but will guide you with the ideas, if you want to start your own business. If you want to be someone like  Ria Sharma who offered her helping hand to the acid attack victims and started “make love not scars”. or someone like Rashi Narang who practiced her love for animals and started “hands up for tails”.

Each one having a different challenge to face and unlike life to lead has one tool in common-kindness.

Written in an extremely nubile manner, Prachi does justice to the females as well as the literal work. An easy to read book If you are also the one chasing your unusual dreams. Do give it a read.


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