‘Boycott’ Trending On Social Media Over Tejasswi Prakash’s Victory- Deets Inside!

Bigg Boss 15 has got its winner of this season. Tejasswi Prakash has won the Bigg Boss 15. Her fans are very happy about her victory, but a section of social media is very angry with Tejasswi’s victory. On social media, users are expressing their displeasure against Tejasswi and Bigg Boss show. As soon as Tejasswi has announced the winner of the show last night, comments from users started pouring in against Tejasswi on Twitter.

Tejasswi Prakash

Many users have described Tejasswi’s victory in the show as fixed, while some have called Prateek Sehajpal the rightful owner of the trophy. See what users wrote. One user wrote, ‘No, she is not entitled, she is the daughter-in-law of Colors, so she was made the winner.’ Another user wrote, ‘Colors is always biased, I do not understand that when you have to win only your Colors people, then you should courier the trophy directly to them, why do you waste public time in empty. ..Umar was fired from the middle and now Prateek too, who deserves to be the winner.’ One wrote, ‘Shameful and useless @itsmetejasswi vamp became the winner of BB15.’


‘Completely fixed show, Shame on Salman Khan’. Another user wrote ‘Begging has been sent to !!!’ ‘Most biased show ever…Historic winner Prateek Sahajpal.’ ‘Friends, why not trend #boycottbiggboss from now on for next year because it will continue to be a one-sided game with everyone..because Colors will win its actor-actress. Please make this trend…the audience is stupid, what these people are taking by getting us to vote and someone else wins.’

Tejasswi Prakash

Describing Umar Riaz as the real winner, a user wrote, ‘This was already known. Now we understand that to win Bigg Boss you have to be the face of Colors … and if you play well by being a commoner by mistake, then Unfair Eviction Will be done.’ Other comments clearly show the displeasure of the public. People are not able to accept Tejasswi Prakash as the winner of Bigg Boss 15.

Tejasswi may have won the Bigg Boss 15 trophy, but the public has showered their love on Prateek Sehajpal. Prateek has become the first runner-up of the show. Karan Kundra was the second runner-up. At the same time, Shamita Shetty was out after coming in the top 4.