Breaking News: Majority Of States Witnessing Steady Decline In Covid-19 Average Growth Rate In India

According to the latest reports, on Friday, June 18, India is indicating a steady decline in the state-wise average number of Covid-19 cases, as shown in the map shared by the Central Government. While some places of the country are witnessing heightened average growth, a major section is observing a downfall in the graph of ‘National Average Growth In daily New Cases’ for the past 7 days.

The Central Government shared a tweet about the steady decline of the graph and wrote, “India’s efforts to defeat #COVID19 are beginning to show colours! Here are the state-wise stats showing a decline in the average daily new cases. For more updates, visit #IndiaFightsCorona.” The data was reported to have been sourced from the official figures published by the Union Ministry of Health and family welfare (MoHFW), on Thursday, June 17.

For the past 7 days, i.e. from June 10 –17, India has been witnessing a colour-coded observation on the state-wise infographic rate. In the graph, the green section signifies a benchmark of negative average growth, whereas other colours show heightened average growth. The green section could be seen covering a major section of the country. Yellow, orange and red signify an average rate of daily Covid-19 cases of 0-10 per cent, 10-20 percent, and more than 20 per cent, respectively.

Talking of the States’ average growth rate, the majority of India, including the hot spots, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, and Delhi, are observing a ‘negative growth’ in the Covid0-19 infographic rate of daily new cases. On the other hand, Uttarakhand in the north, Kerala down south, and Assam and Tripura in the northeast have been witnessing an average growth of 0-10 percent of daily new cases. Ladakh, Arunachal Pradesh, and Mizoram have witnessed a rate of 10-20 per cent average growth. Sikkim is the only state, which is showing an average growth of over 20 per cent in daily new Covid-19 cases.

Moving on, reportedly, the active number of Covid-19 cases has gone down a little over 6.7 lakh, resulting to a 74-day low declining graph. With the active cases being 2.55 per cent of the total caseload of the country, and the recovery rate improving to 96.16 per cent, India is indicating an end of fighting against the second wave for now.

Talking about the vaccination drive throughout India, meanwhile, the people of India have so far administered 27.24 crore doses of vaccine in 155 days of the vaccination drive, out of which 33 lakh have administered on Friday itself. Out of all the doses administered, 22 crores are yet to take their first doses, while over 5 crores have completed taking second doses as well.

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