BREAKING: Sonu Sood Walks Out Of ‘Manikarnika’ After A Massive Face-Off With Kangana Ranaut

Kangana Ranaut is making the headlines yet again and this time, it is not for the right reasons. The actress has been shooting for the aspiring big-budgeted ‘Manikarnika: The Queen Of Jhansi’ for a year now. Sonu Sood, who has acted in many Tamil and Telugu films apart from Bollywood, was a part of the star cast of the film until now. Latest reports suggest that he has walked out of the film after a series of dramatic events. And this is all because of film’s leading actress Kangana Ranaut.

Sources suggest that Sonu left the film after a massive showdown with the actress on the sets. Last week, reports of Kangana taking over the direction of the film were doing the rounds. This week, another set of rumours are going around. Rumour has it that when Kangana went too far with her high-handedness and directorial interference, Sonu couldn’t take it anymore and finally left the sets.


A source close to the film reports,  “Yes, Sonu has left the film. He is no longer a part of Manikarnika. And he has informed the film’s producers of his decision. He took a lot of crap from a person who feels she knows how to direct a film without any real qualification to do so. But finally, when Kangana Ranaut officially took over the direction, Sonu could take it no more. He quit the film. “


Sonu had a prominent role in the film and his departure puts a huge question mark on the project. The source further states, “When Kangana gradually took over the project she also wanted Sonu Sood’s role to be cut down to size. This was last straw. The normally mild-mannered Sonu just erupted.”


Leading lady Kangana Ranaut recently confirmed Sonu’s exit from the film but denied all rumours of a ‘showdown’ between them. She said, “Sonu and I haven’t even met since the last shot with Krish (director) last year. He is busy filming Simmba. He couldn’t even give us tentative dates to match combinations with other actors. The producers showed him the film and writers narrated the patchwork to him…he refused to meet me …he vehemently denied to work under a woman director….. which is kind of amusing because Sonu is a dear friend and I have even launched the music of a film that he produced on his request….. even though the team suggested that they have full faith in me, it seems, Sonu had neither dates nor faith.”

She further added, “And when I last spoke to him he suggested that I can go ahead with someone else and when I narrated the script to Zeeshan Ayyub, he called the studio and gave the dates. By that time it was too late as Zeeshan gave me dates for September. Now, I hear I had a showdown with him….. when I never met him, never directed him ….. when did I have this showdown?”

When asked whether Sonu’s shots will be shot again, she said: “Yes, none of the portions he has shot before will be used because he has spiked hair with gel in his hair (for Manikarnika) the new team of DOP and editors and our writers of Manikarnika have discarded those scenes so I have to shoot all of that anyway so it’s easy to get another actor on board. Who keeps spiked hair for a period film?”



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