Brendan Taylor Got Into A Spot-Fixing Plot Approach: Deets Inside!!

As far as our resources reach back, we have found that in the late October 2019 Brendan Taylor reached India. The primary motive of the meeting was a discussion with the former Zimbabwe captain about the potential of organizing a T20 event in Zimbabwe.

Brendan decided to fly to India knowing that Heath Streak, a former Indian captain was lured in. However, all these resulted in a three-and-a-half-year ban from the game for Brendan for 4 breaches of the ICC’s anti-corruption code with the inclusion of a 5-month delay in reporting an approach.


This former Zimbabwe captain Brendan Taylor mentioned in a lengthy statement that he was allegedly blackmailed into spot-fixing matches by an Indian businessman and he is now facing a ‘multi-year’ ban from the Indian Cricket Council for a 4-month delay in reporting the approach.

However; according to the released statement by ICC; it comes to appear as; “Former Zimbabwe captain Brendan Taylor has been banned from all cricket for three and a half years after he accepted breaching four charges of the ICC Anti-Corruption Code and separately one charge of the ICC Anti-Doping Code.”

Taylor wanted to provide further details of his various interactions with Mr. S with the ACU; as he mentioned that he received a Samsung S10 phone from Mr. S as his own phone was busted. He also obtained some new clothes as well as various things for his entertainment during his stay in India. Before returning to Zimbabwe, Brendan was confronted by Mr. S and his associates of making 35000 USD for ‘engaging in spot-fixing in upcoming matches.’


According to the ACU report; “Mr. S also told Mr. Taylor that he needed another player involved to make the fix happen, and he wanted him to help find this other player,”

Furthermore, the ICC report added; “Mr. Taylor chose to admit the charges under the provisions of the ICC Anti-Corruption Code and agreed on a sanction with the ICC in lieu of an Anti-Corruption Tribunal hearing. His violation under the ICC Anti-Doping Code, which is separate and independent of the anti-corruption charges resulted from an In-Competition test conducted on 8 September 2021 following Zimbabwe’s match against Ireland. Mr. Taylor tested positive for the stimulant Benzoylecognine, a cocaine metabolite, which is specified as a Substance of Abuse under the Code.”


With respect to sportsman spirit, we wish for a speedy recovery for this gem of a player and wish him some great luck and good fortune in his future endeavor.

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