‘Brush Up On General Awareness’: Madhuri Dixit’s Husband Shriram Nene Trolled For Wishing ‘Happy Good Friday’

Bollywood actress Madhuri Dixit’s husband and Indian American cardiovascular surgeon Dr. Shriram Nene stays away from media. However, on occasions when Madhuri steps out for an event, he is also seen accompanying her.

Recently, Dr. Nene wished ‘Good Friday’ by writing ‘Happy’ with it while it is day of mourning for Christians. And now, he is getting trolled for the same on social media.

Madhuri’s husband Dr. Nene trolled for wishing ‘Happy Good Friday’

Dr. Shriram wished his followers ‘Good Friday’ honouring the Christian holiday that commemorates Jesus Christ’s crucifixion and death at Calvary. But in his tweet, he wrote the word ‘Happy’. Dr. Nene penned, “Happy and Good Friday to all those celebrating!”

While it was a well-intentioned tweet from Dr. Shriram, social media users who know the solemnity of the occasion bashed him for his insensitive words.

Netizens slammed Madhuri Dixit’s husband Dr. Nene

One user asked, “Are you okay bro?” Another stated, “Who celebrates Good Friday sir?? It is a day of prayer and mourning. Not a celebration. Before you tweet something like that, some brushing up on general awareness might help!” A third one penned, “I think you should brush up on why we actually celebrate it.” “Good Friday is a day of mourning because of the crucifixion of Lord Jesus Christ. It is not a celebration but a sacred occasion. There is nothing to be happy about on this day,” read a fourth comment.

Before Dr. Shriram, the then Union Culture Minister Mahesh Sharma had given a similar statement in 2016. He was also ridiculed a lot online for the same.