Bumrah’s Blunder Attracts Eyes And Leaves The Internet In Splits!

Indian pacer Jasprit Bumrah’s cards seem to tell an entirely different tale. Fans wonder if his stars are aligned well in the WTC final, for the star bowler hasn’t had luck to proclaim.

In addition to not contributing any wickets in the WTC final, his day seems to take turns for worse. And this time, it’s his jersey that has come under scanner.

After a washed out Day 4, the play resumed an hour late on Day 5. Bumrah, however stepped into Southampton grounds wearing India’s regular test jersey instead of the rule book uniform. The main sponsor Byjus was pasted at the centre as he bowled the entire first over of the day before rushing to the pavilion to change into the prescribed clothes.

He returned with the right jersey and continued his spell for  his second over. Fans, however were quick to spot his blunder, and called him out on that, trending his name on top.

For any ICC event, country’s name is mentioned at the centre of the jersey and not the sponsor. The sponsors can be mentioned on the sleeves but not at the centre.

Twitter went gaga over his blunder, but hey, he atleast wore India’s jersey.




Well, Bumrah’s blunder has left people in nostalgia, running in splits at the memory of them wearing the wrong uniform on Saturdays or PE days. Remember the time when Saturdays required white and we went ahead wearing the regular uniform, or PE required Tracks and we turned up in daily attire?

Yes! It’s the same blunder.

Worry not Bumrah. We’ve been there, done that before!

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