Bursting Myths around Aluminium

The most abundant metal in the earth’s crust,Aluminium is consumed by humans on a daily basis indifferentforms –food, drinking water,air, medicine (antacids and adjuvants in vaccines), cookware, kitchen foil, antiperspirants, cosmetics and many others. Thus, it is important to know that usage of the metal in these forms have been deemed safe by the top medical research organisations around the world.

The Expert committee of the World Health Organisation along with the Food and Agricultural Organisations, United Nations have stated that a weekly intake of 2milligram per kilogram of person’s body weight to be a safe amount. And as per independent study conducted by America’s Test Kitchen , Tomato sauce cooked in aluminium pot for two hours and stored in the same pot overnight , was found to contain just 0.00024 milligrams of aluminium per cup. Thus it is perfectly safe to use Aluminium cookware in Kitchens. According to the Alzheimer’s Association in Chicago, using Aluminium pots and pans does not lead to Alzheimer disease. Further studies have proven that there is no part that aluminium play in causing the disease. The American cancer society has also stated that no ties between breast cancer and antiperspirants.

Furthermore, municipal water purification system across the world uses Aluminium salts to remove impurities to provide safe, healthy and accessible drinking water. Thus, aluminium salts have been a major contributor to curbing innumerable water borne diseases. It’s a fact that we consume more Aluminium through foods, both natural and processed and medications. All the fears surrounding aluminium is over-stated and exaggerated.

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