Bye Double Chin; Tips For A Beautiful jawline

Fed up of those extra piece of chin under your jaw? Does it make your selfies look a bit weird? Then you should be a fan of chiseled jawline. You are a secret admirer of people with perfect jawlines and you are so frustrated about extra fat under your jaw. You want that clear cut jawline too, right? What about getting them just in a week? Excited to flaunt your well toned chin? Try these face exercises.

Tips to get rid of double chin

Chewing gum: Whether you like it or not, chewing gum is good to take away the extra chin under jaw. This is a simple exercise where your face and chin muscles get into a motion. This will reduce the fat under chin.

Roll the tongue: Rolling your tongue can lift the chin. Try stretching them towards the nose. Doing this exercise for a week will help you lose the double chin.

Fish face: Do you know that pouting on a regular basis can make your jawline look perfect. If you find pout not enough, try the fish face. Suck your cheeks in and hold them. This is to be done for 30 seconds taking breaks in between.

Lower jaw rush: Keep your head straight. Move your jaw forward and backward by raising your chin. Do it daily for about 10 times. You will see the result.

Face lift: This focuses on upper lips and thereby prevents sagging of chin. Open your mouth wide for 10 seconds.

Giraffe: Sit in a comfy position. Look straight at a point. Place fingers at the nape of your neck. Stroke downwards and simultaneously tilt your head backwards. Bend the neck so that it touches the chest with the chin. This is the easiest and most effective exercise to tackle a double chin.

Resistance: Make two fists and place them under your chin. Move your lower jaw down your fists. Strain your muscles to resist the fist. Increase the pressing force with fists. Do it for 5-7 times for better results.

And do you know the best way to get rid of a double chin is an open smile? A wide smile will stretch the corners of your lips. This helps in reducing fat accumulated under your chin. Always keep your head high and straight. Maintain eye level while looking into a phone, computer, television or a book.
Remember that a double chin comes due to bad posture, poor diet, lack of exercise or a sudden weight gain. It can be easily dealt with. So, start your face exercise now. Let people admire at your chiseled jaw too.

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