If you’re tired of running in circles with that potential ‘someone special’, now is the time to take a pause and re-evaluate the situationship. It is believed that our conscious mind controls our actions, but the trick of the trade is not known to our subconscious mind, which sometimes tends to give away more than we intend to. To help you come out of the sweet dilemma, we’ve got some proven signs that might be underlying all this while.  

We’ve got you a few hottest tell-tale signs that your potential significant other might really be into you:

1. Read Between the Eyes

So, you can read between the lines? Good thing, now is the time to read between those eyes too. The way he looks at you would tell more than his lips would. While he’s at it, stare into his eyes and notice the pupils dilate. You have no reason to not believe this one, as this sign is backed up by science. Also, this happens to be one of the most convenient signs to watch out for, like, literally.

2. The Best Medicine?

This one sign cannot be argued with. When the answer is happiness, who cares what the question is. If the both of you are able to tickle each other’s funny bones, we’d say, you’re halfway through it. They don’t say laughter is the best medicine for nothing! It may go from the lamest joke or some meme that he had seen, he doesn’t care and only wants to see you chuckle, come whatever may. You’ll notice him being funnier around you than anyone else.

3. Need Somebody To Lean On!

The excellence of non-verbal communication is that it’s just hard to forge, and it very well may be seen in any event when a man is especially keeping his emotions down for unknown reasons. Ladies, if he leans towards you while you have something to say, he’s interested! Ask yourself this: Would you lean towards something that remotely interests you? We wouldn’t either.

4. The Strong Eyebrow Game

You may observe his eyebrows raise as he talks to you. This simply infers he’s excited about whatever you’re expressing. It might just be a slight of a commotion, however the fascination may be anything other than slight. When a man raises his eyebrows at the glance of you, it likens to him having a solid inclination about you!

5. That Subtle Change In Voice

It would be lying if someone said that they have never fallen for someone with a raspy voice. Do you know that strong but cracky kind of voice? That’s exactly what we’re talking about here. Human voices vary from situation to situation, which also gives away our emotions at the times that we’re least expecting them. If he thinks you’re the right one, he would not hold himself back from letting his guard down at times and talking in a much sweeter tone as well.

Do not stress it, there’s no reason to not be excited the next time you meet up your bae and to discover how many signs you could read!