Captain’s In-flight Announcement For His Wife Sets Couple Goals; Says, “Special Announcement For Special Passenger”

“Love is in the air”, social media is not just a platform to share your views but it becomes the carrier to entertain, and motivate others. You have seen many videos on social media promoting love and they are categorized as ‘Couple Goals’. Today we have talked about one of the most viral couple goals videos that ruled the internet. The video has been seen by millions and has 703k likes. Netizens loved the video and this beautiful video will melt your heart!

The video is from the clouds, yes! we are in our senses. The video is from a flite, where a Pilot shared a beautiful message to the passenger as her wife is travelling on the same flight. While greetings the passenger, Captain Alneez Virani’ surprised wifey ‘Zahra’ by mentioning her in his in-flight announcement as he prepared to take off for Mumbai. Zahra loved the gesture of her husband and shoot the video of the in-flight announcement by Alneez. She blushed and smile throughout the flight as she was so happy to get this surprise from her husband. Netizens call her lucky as she has such a caring and loving husband.

During an in-flight announcement, Alneez announced, “I’d like to take this opportunity to make a special announcement,” Alneez could be heard saying over the flight intercom. “Some days I do get a special flight, and today is one such flight. I have a special passenger on this flight,” the IndiGo pilot told passengers. “I have the privilege of flying my wife to Mumbai. It’s just a small thing for everybody but it means a lot to me. Just wished to share the happiness with all of you onboard.”

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As the announcement was super cute and beautiful, wife ‘Zahra’ expressed her joy with a long post, she wrote, “Being your wife is my greatest blessing. I do not know where to start and what to say. I am one person who writes LONG captions but for this one.. I have no words. My heart is so full & I do not know what I did so right in my life to deserve this man. I will say it again. It’s my greatest blessing being your wife, Alneez. You make me believe that true love is the one that spins your heart and takes it on ONE HAPPY RIDE. I have been on it with you, my love and I thank my God every single day for you @alneez2000.”

She continued, “I have been on flights with Alneez being the Pilot in Command and it’s always so special but man .. NOTHING EVEN COMES CLOSE TO THIS ONE. It will forever be etched in my heart and make me smile ear to ear FOREVER. It is this video .. this raw video in all its honesty that I shall treasure more than anything else I ever will. I love you, Alneez. You show the world how it’s done & that an SRK Romance can happen in real life too. Forever grateful for all that God has blessed me with, especially my husband. Still smiling ear to ear, Love, Zahra.”

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