CarryMinati Finally Reacts On His TikTok Roast Video Being Taken Down By YouTube, “It’s Hard To Accept That It Is Banned…


The YouTube vs TikTok fight seems to reach an all-new height. Many TikTok stars have commented on the content created by YouTubers and the YouTubers came out with the same response for TikTokers. Amidst this, a video by Ajey Nagar who goes by the name of CarryMinati on YouTube came out. The video an instant hit and received 20 million views in the first few hours itself.


However, the video where Carry was fighting for YouTube was soon taken down by YouTube itself. Soon, Twitter started flooding with #CarryMinati, #JusticeForCarry, and #ShameOnYouTube hashtags at the most trending positions. Everyone was disturbed that such an epic roast video was taken down while other filthy contents continue to be a part of the video search engine.

A few hours ago, CarryMinati aka Ajey Nagar took to his social media and finally responded to this entire fiasco. By sharing a long statement, the YouTuber clearly mentioned that the video won’t be back and it’s also hard to accept that it will remain banned. He also stated that he always wanted to entertain the audience through his videos and he is making video since he was 10. He further revealed that his video is just a day away to become the most liked non-musical video on the platform. He says, “Sometimes the biggest achievements become an easy target to be pulled down.”

Read his full statement here:


Anothere youtubers also came out in support of CarryMinati. Bhuvan Bam tweeted, “Deep down everyone will remember that yours was/will be the most liked YT video ever. We love you.”

Bigg Boss 13 contestant who rose to the fame because of youtube also came out in his support and uploaded a video where he can be seen deleting the TikTok app. However, his video was also taken down by youtube after some time.

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