Casual Or Serious? What’s Your Relationship Type?

Has it been a while since you started dating and waiting for natural progression or some hints to clarify where is it heading? Should you have the hopes of forever or is it just breezy and casual fling and of course whether you two are on the same page or not? Do you keep on wondering whether all these efforts are worth it? Is it heading in the right direction? Don’t worry we got you covered. Check out the following aspects to decide your relationship type ‘casual or serious’:


Fights can tell a lot about the seriousness of the relationship. If your partner is serious about things, he or she won’t let fights escalate to a point that you stop making contact. Your partner would make all the efforts to save the relationship by coming up with a rational solution or trying to resolve the issue. The person would try that a similar argument does not occur in the future because you are what matters the most to him or her.


Hints play a major role in any relationship and tell a lot about where things are heading. You just need to rationally analyze and notice the hints. If they mention it quite often that marriage is not on their mind and all they wish to focus now is on their career is just a sugarcoated version of ‘the end is near’. If they mention how much you complete them then it is the indication of ‘wedding bells.’


Do you think you and your partner talk enough? Do you guys know each other well? Is there a curiosity to know each other’s favourites, memories, dislikes, etc. Do random things remind you of each other? Do you remember what your partner adores or detests? What makes them comfortable or uncomfortable? If there is no curiosity on such matters then your intentions seem to be casual.


Successful relationships are all about making your partner your top priority. Do you need to take out time for your partner or do you take out time for other things as your time is all your’s partners? If you feel something is missing if you don’t receive a text or call from them. Anything they ask you is on top of your list to answer. If it is all there then you can safely say that something serious is cooking.

We hope these tips will help you understand what kind of relationship you are in.


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