The Perfect Suicide by Jalaj Shrivastava

Author Jalaj Shrivastava takes you on an enthralling ride with his maiden novel, The Perfect Suicide. Shrivastava, a former IAS and IPS officer perfectly uses his real life incidents and experiences to craft this thriller. The storyline: On…


Book Review:- Somewhere to go

Life is what happens to us while we are busy making other plans. Somewhere to go is a novel that revolves around this ideology. Love life and career are the prime things that shape up your youth. Success and failure are a part and parcel of…


Book review on HUES by Maya V.M

‘Hues’ as the name suggests is a book with different shades of life. A little package of childhood memories, some first experiences and some lost moments in the crowd, sewed together into a form of simple poetry gives the readers immense ha…


Book review on SUPER COUPLES by Prachi Garg

Attraction evolved into affection and that led to a simple forever. Super couples narrate 19 such forever stories of real life couples who started exploring the idea of partnering up in business too. Love is a two way road and being life pa…


Book review on Urban Ayurveda by Tanya Malhotra

Happiness is nothing more than a good health and it is indeed correctly said that “health is wealth.” Urban Ayurveda by Tanya Malhotra is one such quick read which will let you unearth your body more delightfully and help you find resolutio…


Book Review:- We Will Meet Again by Tarang Sinha

We will meet again, a love story that whirls around Paridhi Mathur a beautiful dusky girl constantly trying to excel in her academics while fighting the monsters of loneliness. Whereas the male protagonist Abhigyan is depicted as a handsome…


No Matter What I Do…I end up falling for you!

Authored by an unimaginably talented young mind Devanshi Singh, No Matter What I Do is an immensely relatable story of 4 entirely different people knotted together with the bond of love and friendship. Just like you, me and every other youn…


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