Banjara’s Hair Care Range

Did you say hair problems? Solve them all with Banjara’s Hair Care Powder variants! Short or long, wavy or straight, frizzy or smooth – every girl wants her hair to be lustrous, thick and strong that glistens in light. But all h…


Amazing Concealer Hacks Every Woman Needs to Know

If you only had quick 30 seconds to use only one beauty product in the morning, which product would you pick first? If you’re a beauty-product enthusiast who can barely answer that tricky question without having a panic attack, then we feel…


5 Unusual Beauty Tips For Your Skin

When it comes to our skin, we want it to look the best it possibly can. That’s why we are sharing some unusual, uncommon beauty tips for your skin! Try one (or two, or three) and you never know you may have just found what you’ve always bee…


Easy ways to naturally wipe out the stubborn tan lines

The summers are filled with packages of outdoor activities. Swimming, nature walks, summer camps and beach holidays make the tan lines inevitable. As the scorching summer takes a back seat and the buoyant monsoon steps forward, we all reali…


8 beauty tips for face every girl should know!

Dream of every girl is an unblemished, radiating face but it’s not that easy to achieve. Extra care need to be taken on a regular basis and to maintaining it is important as well. We often ignore the basic simple rules that can work skilful…


6 Hacks that will help you smell good throughout the day!

There’s nothing that feels great, other than knowing that you smell good and it adds an extra spring in your step. Little tricks and tips makes a huge difference. And, this monsoon and humid season isn’t going to stop you from smelling if y…


5 Tricks to make your eyes look tremendously sexy!

Every woman around the globe need to be admired and cherished of their beauty and that needed to be enhanced. Eyes are an important feature of a face, and eye make-up is an essential part of make-up. They not only make you look adorable but…


Get your A-game on with these hacks!

Applying makeup is a tricky thing but we can’t go without it now, can we? Of course the answer is no. You feel you’re the best when you look your best. Makeup is every woman’s first love. But sometimes, applying can be a real hard task. Wel…


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