5 Creative Ways to Spend Your Honeymoon

More and more newly married couples refuse to spend their honeymoons on popular resorts. There is less fuss about hot islands nowadays. People prefer unusual but no less romantic destinations. The word “honeymoon” is often associated with a…


6 ways your workout is ruining your skin

Going to the gym is supposed to be good for us – so why at times is it that when we take up exercise, our skin often seems to go in the opposite direction?? The reason is quite obvious – sweat and skin do not a happy mix make, s…


7 quick home remedies to remove stretch marks fast

Stretch marks are visible fine lines in pink, purple or red that appear on your skin due to rapid weight gain, rapid increase in muscle mass, or extreme weight loss. And some of the common areas where they appear are breasts, upper arms, ba…


Here’s what all you need to know about female condoms

In India, sex is still considered as a taboo. Women and men both have faced a problem to wear a condom to avoid unwanted pregnancy and risk of contracting STD. Well, there is a goodnews! You will be happy to know that their is a thing calle…


8 Myths about Periods

Here is a list of myths related to periods that need to be broken: Wearing a tampon affects your virginity Tampons have got nothing to do with taking away your virginity. Virginity is considered as the state of a person who has never indulg…


6 common and surprising causes of Insomnia!

Are you not able to sleep at night even after a very tiring day? Does this happen frequently? If yes, then you’re probably suffering from insomnia. The people who are insomniac have a difficulty in sleeping at night, they do not get suffici…


10 amazing health benefits of drinking red wine!

Red wine is made from black grape varieties which is very beneficial for our health. Grapes are rich in several antioxidants. These antioxidants also help combat free radical damage. Of course over consumption of red wine is hazardous and c…


6 foods and drinks to avoid when you’re on your period

Being on your periods feels like a combination of having muscle cramps and stomach pain in hunger. It is that time of the month when women are not their usual self and wish to eat everything that is in sight. During menstruation, our body d…


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