7 alarming signs that suggest you really need a break!

No matter how tough it is, but life is indeed precious! But in these modern times, strenuous work stress has taken a toll on most people’s lives makes them feel fatigued all the time. In the run to become an efficient employee, people…


Here Are 5 Reasons Why You Must Stop Wearing Bra Right Now

Bra, the second skin to a woman, support the boobs and help them get a better body posture. Most girls have a habit of wearing a bra all the time, whether they are eating, drinking or even sleeping. However, there are a number of reasons wh…

numerology zodiac

How Your Birth Number Describes Your Life

Numerology is also an important part of a man’s life. The Birth numbers can describe your life very easily and can also help in achieving your aim in life. Further, you will observe that what’s your birth number reveals about you? Firstly, …


Women of substance

A compliment to her personality and character. By Dr. Rameeza.A.Rasheed Whenever any discussion is held during Women’s Day celebration week or any VIP woman talks on women empowerment to create awareness among girls or any resource person i…

is your child safe in school


Beware the insidious exploitation of innocents. By Sonal Bhatia For good education and all-round development, parents send their children to a well-reputed school. Meanwhile, the parents go to their jobs. They work there relaxed, knowing th…

Common Misconceptions

The Common Misconceptions

About Breastfeeding. By Romola Shanbhag Some years back, when our maid delivered a baby, she was back at work within a week. Who’s taking care of the baby?” I asked her with some trepidation. My eldest daughter,” she said confidently. And t…

Abhorrent abuse of In-laws

Abhorrent abuse of In-laws

Good ground for divorce: SC. By T. Rajagopalan There are abominable daughters-in-law who indulge in abusing, insulting and vilifying their in-laws despite their being innocent of any wrong-doing. I have seen such daughters-in-law pouring th…


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