9 things not to say to your ex!

Dealing or going through a breakup may sound easy but for sure is not. Your hear sort of things such as- time heals everything or you learn from your mistakes only anddd what not… Situations can of both- a person could portray themselves to…


Zodiac signs that women instantly fall in love with!

So it’s not your fault that you easily fall for these guys, it’s actually their stars that make you drool over them. Astrology as we know can easily define a person, with their likes, dislikes, overall personalities, wealth, relationships a…


Dos and don’ts on your 1st date

Really like that guy, but scared that you might end up saying something that you’re really NOT suppose to say, because he is just toooo hot to handle or scared that he might not turn out what you expected him to be. Then follow these dos an…


Women in 20’s, not the most $exually active!

It is often perceived that women have lesser $exual desires than men. And it is true, till an extent, as a $exual desire is biological for men but for women it is more of a psychological phenomenon.  It varies depending on how they feel abo…


Wise women never demand these five things from her partner

When you fall in love there are certain expectations which automatically comes but that doesn’t mean you start demanding unnecessary things. Unconditional love is what makes a relationship healthy and prosperous.There are times you become  …


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