Challenging Gender Norms! Harry Styles and Billy Porter Inspire Fans

Harry Styles and Billy Porter shared the facts of importance about gender binary, inspiring fans to be the most authentic version of themselves. A major change is already in the air!

“What’s feminine and what’s masculine, what men are wearing and what women are wearing – it’s like there are no lines anymore,” the former One Direction member told ‘The Face’ in 2019. “I’m not always super outspoken eventually. But I think it’s very clear from choices that I make that I feel a certain way about lots of things.” Harry Styles caused a stir when he posed for ‘Vogue’s December 2020 issue’ in a laced-trimmed Gucci dress.

He told the ‘Call Me By Your Name’ actor, Billy Porter, “I didn’t grow up in a man’s man world. I grew up with my sister and mother. But I definitely think I’ve become a lot more content with who I am, in the last two years… I think there’s so much masculinity in being vulnerable and allowing yourself to be feminine, I’m very comfortable with that.”
Later Porter expressed his views to Styles. He said he recalled his never feeling “masculine enough” as a child while having a conversation with ‘Allure’ in 2020. To him, it was a question to his masculinity before he could even make sense of the thought.
Flamboyant used to be a word for marginalizing and depressing him. He said, “Now, I’m done hiding, despite what haters say. I’m proud of being in the first generation of gay men and I can say this to everyone by shouting out loud. My generation is the first. The bitches are scared; and they should be!”

“Your sexual orientation doesn’t describe the whole you. Generations do not take you anywhere with your masculinity. It complete depends on your style of wearing dresses, presenting yourself, standing in a party, taking a stand for yourself, making yourself prosper with what you have. All of these are parts of self-actualisation. Now, talking of being gay, everyone should be proud of being a gay without taking care of society’s thoughts because they won’t make your future secure and lovable. It’ll always be you and your partner. Maximum per cent of people round the world is sexually oriented as heterosexual (straight). Being gay makes you unique. Remember always…
You’re one out of a lakh;
The mirror you, have always got your back.”

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