Charu Asopa Says Things Between Her And Rajeev Sen Is Cordial Now, Netizens React!

TV Actress Charu Asopa, who recently separated from her husband Rajiv Sen, said the couple is currently unstable. In a new interview, Charu said she wants a warm relationship between her and Rajiv because of her daughter Ziana, who will “grow up and see everything.” She also revealed that he was thinking, “Rajeev and I will regret what we said.”

Charu and Rajeev Sen got married in 2019. They announced their split earlier this year but later said they wanted to give him a second chance. But last month they announced their split again. Charu accuses Rajeev of cheating on him, saying that he cheated on her when she was pregnant.

In an interview with the Times of India, Charu said: Yes, Rajeev and I are on friendly terms now. We both want our relationship to be warm as Ziana grows fast and slowly understands. Now, I don’t want anything negative to happen. she also said, “we both have said and done whatever we wanted, she will grow up and see things. I think Rajeev and I will regret what we said, but everything that happened, happened now, happened in the past.Ab thoda sambhal jaaye.

On this many users reacted positively while many called it fake dramas of them. Some even trolled Charu Asopa for creating so much of unnecessary drama while some seen supporting the actress.

Rajeev said on his vlog last month,”I keep in touch with her and try to be nice to her.I send her sweet WhatsApp messages and make her feel like I’m there even when we’re not physically together. Ziana is good and leaves her alone and does what she wants.