Check Out Many Ways Of Using Lipstick You Maybe Unaware Of!

The festive season is around the corner and this is the best time to experiment with your looks. Lipsticks are love and are women’s prized possession. But you might be oblivious to the fact that your humble lipstick has myriad uses. It can also work as a blush, eyeshadow, or anything. So if you have lipsticks that you regret buying, hold your thought from discarding them.

Check out these simple tips and tricks for using your lipstick:

As A Blush

Do not fret as you can use your lipstick as a blush too. Use a dab of lipstick on the apple of your cheeks and blend it with your finger tips and set it with a fixing powder and you are good to go. It is one of the simplest ways to use your lipstick as a blush.

As A Lip Satin

On days when you do not have a tinted lip balm, your humble lipstick can come to the rescue. A hint of colour on the lips does the needful. Just dab some colour on the centre of your lips after moisturizing them.


For Contouring

Use brown lipstick darker than your skin tone for contouring. Just apply your lipstick on the sides of your nose, cheekbones, forehead and on your jawline and spread it evenly. Finally use a setting powder and complete your look. 

As An Eyeshadow

Have you ever bought lipstick and never used it again? You can use this versatile product even as an eyeshadow. You just have to rub the tip of the lipstick bullet and apply it directly on your eyelids and set it with a translucent powder.

As An Eyeliner

Set aside your regular black eyeliner and get going with liquid lipstick. Just pick any shade and swipe a stroke of liquid lipstick and line your top lid, staying close to the lash line, and extend up and outward to your brow.

We often crib looking at our partially used lipstick and think of disposing of it, but there are myriads of ways of using it. So ditch your expensive makeup products as lipstick alone can do wonders.