Check Out Some Lesser Known Symptoms Of ‘Silent Heart Attack’!

People with high blood pressure or obesity are more likely to have a heart attack. Heart attacks can occur at any age, at any time. Every second is important when someone has a heart attack. The sooner the treatment is arranged, the better.

But doctors have repeatedly warned of another type of heart attack. According to them, heart attacks are not always sudden. On the contrary, in some cases, many people fall victim to the ‘Silent Heart Attack.’ This type of attack has a long history of symptoms. These symptoms are often confused with other diseases. In many cases, the patient does not feel any pain in this type of heart attack. But inside, a heart attack occurs.

What are the symptoms of a heart attack?

According to cardiologists, in general, women are more prone to this type of disease than men. This type of heart attack causes chest tightness and pain. These occasionally come and get better again. We think of it as the problem of digestion. But occasional chest pain is one of the symptoms of a silent heart attack.

According to the doctors, the pain is on the left side of the chest, in many cases, the patient feels pressure and discomfort all over the chest. Chest muscles are often tense, with shortness of breath. Frequent tiredness, and shortness of breath due to physical activity. Even sitting in one place can lead to fatigue.

The notion that there is only a chest connection with a heart attack is wrong. Pain in the hands, neck, and shoulders can be a sign of a heart attack. Do not neglect stomach, even, jaw pain. Consult a doctor without delay if you face these discomforts. Be aware of regular health. Prevent the ‘Silent Heart Attack’ by following regular physical exercise and a diet prescribed by a physician.

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