Check Out These Kid-friendly Meals For Your Wedding’s Little Guests!

While weddings are an opportunity for planning an exquisite cuisine full of exotic delicacies, keep in mind that visitors attending your nuptials may also bring their children with them. So it’s reasonable to argue that the perfect wedding feast menu is missing a slew of vegetarian and non-vegetarian kid-friendly dishes. So, here are some delicious dishes that are not only fun for kids of all ages, but also a distinctive addition to your menu.

  • Fresh fruit lollipops or juice pops

Children want snacks frequently, and although your guests may be preoccupied with their crying child and diapers, you may make things easier for them by providing fresh fruit treats at your event. Include sugar-free choices for children who require them.

  • Smoothies with chocolate, butterscotch, and strawberries

Many parents do not want their children to eat sugary or carbonated beverages. As a result, you’ll need to provide some soda alternatives for your event. Smoothies or milkshakes are excellent options. While you may experiment with fun tastes like cherry crush and pina colada for the adults, be sure to offer some classic varieties for the kids, such as chocolate and strawberry.

  • French fries cooked in an air fryer

French fries are a kid’s favourite food. Using air fryer fries, on the other hand, guarantees that parents have a nutritious, oil-free choice for their kids. Make sure the cooks understand that they can’t use much salt on them!

  • Pita bread and hummus

While toddlers may not enjoy sushi, there are other appetizers, such as hummus and pita bread, that appear to be sophisticated but are soft on the palate and ideal for young taste buds.

  • Pasta in light sauces

Most parents adapt their children to bland pasta, so having this at your wedding will eliminate the need for parents to provide food for their children.

  • Non-spicy Dal Khichdi

Dal khichdi, a popular Indian dish, is a safe pick for many elders and children to eat as part of your wedding feast. To enjoy this recipe that is comfort food for many, simply squeeze in some lime and a generous amount of ghee.

Include these on your menu so that any parent who attends your ceremony may pick from a variety of acceptable supper alternatives for their child!

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