Check Out These Simple Tips For Removing Your Summer Tan!

Summer is all about new faces and sun-kissed cheeks. We have a lot of dressing options in the summer, but it also brings a lot of skin problems. The natural sheen and radiance of our skin are disturbed and washed off by the searing sun, excessive heat, pollution, and sweat.

Tanning is one of the most common skin issues produced by the release of melanin by our skin when it is exposed to strong sunlight. She goes on to say that this eventually aids in the absorption of UV rays. As a result, the stronger the UV exposure, the higher the pigmentation ratio, and the deeper the tan.

If you’re not sure what skincare routine to use to avoid tanning, read on! Don’t be concerned! Here is some seasonal skincare advice:

1. Wash and Clean Your Face Every Day

An excellent face wash brightens the skin, protects it from the sun, acts as a natural toner and moisturiser, and treats dark spots. It is recommended that you use a natural facial wash twice a day to help prevent tanning by thorough washing and removing all debris and grime.

2. Face Serum

Face serum helps to prevent sun damage, reduce dark circles, brighten skin tone, and nourish the skin. A decent serum may aid in the right treatment of tan and can work miracles.

3. Body exfoliation

You can never get bright and shining skin if you do not exfoliate, no matter how much cream you use. As a result, take a decent organic and natural face scrub and jump in the shower. Consider using a scrub that contains rose and aloe vera extract. For year-round lovely skin, we should attempt doing this 2-3 times each week.

4. Mainta in skin hydration

Summer is a season when your skin needs hydration and a good tan defence lotion is required. Orange ingredients in the lotion will help remove dark sunspots and brighten the face. If the cream also contains acai berry extract, which helps to tighten and tone the skin, making it velvety and smooth, it can significantly minimise tan.

It is recommended that you stick to a regular skincare routine, eat and drink healthily, and use more and more natural-based products.

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