Checkout These Daily Activities To Prevent Hairloss!!

We’re all aware of hair loss. There was a lot of it. Every day, roughly 50-100 strands. It’s sometimes our overthinking, and other times we just know it’s shedding a bit or a lot more than it should.

This is when it announces itself loudly and clearly everywhere you go. Excessive hair loss can be caused by a variety of underlying concerns such as heredity, hormonal imbalance, thyroid, metabolism and other health difficulties. Hair-loss can also be caused by some often-ignored everyday activities. If you’d rather see more hair on your head than on your brushes, here’s what you should avoid doing.

  • Tightening your hair too much

Tight hairstyles that pull your hair back all the time can have major consequences. Tight hairstyles strain on the hairline, stressing and eventually injuring the hair follicles and, in the worst-case scenario, causing traction alopecia, a condition in which the follicle is permanently weakened and unable to sprout again. Tie your hair back with silky and non-static scrunchies made of cotton fibres or pure silk.

  • Being careless when it comes to your hair wash routine

The cardinal guidelines for hair washing are: shampoo on the scalp, conditioner on the strands, and no hot water. Hot water dehydrates the hair, causing the strands to become dry and brittle, snapping and falling. To avoid washing out the natural oils that nourish your scalp, wash with tepid water and lather your shampoo in your palms before gently massaging it onto your scalp. To seal in the hair barrier, rinse with cool water. Excessive shampooing can also cause your scalp to go into overdrive, producing more oils to preserve your hair, resulting in greater hair loss.

  • Brushing mistakes

Only brush your hair when it’s absolutely necessary. Detangle with a detangling spray, starting from the bottom rather than the top, which tears the hair down as you go. Wet hair should be brushed with a wide comb, while dried hair should be brushed with delicate bristles.

  • Trims should be done on a regular basis

Dusting or cuts every eight weeks will help get rid of hair that is hindering your growth. Plants require pruning, and humans require trimming.

  • Using alcohol-based hair products

Your hair may be dry and brittle because of the alcohol concentration in your hair products. It might cause hair to break while brushing if it lingers on the hair for a long time after use. Look for options that contain natural and gentler substances that don’t require the use of alcohol to control your hair.

  • Stressing

Even though we understand how stress affects every element of our lives, we can’t help but experience it at times. Cortisol, or the stress hormone released by our bodies can cause hormonal imbalances, hair growth cycle disruptions and inflammation.

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