Checkout Why Experts Are Saying A 10-Minute Walk After Eating Is Important!

There are many wrong notions on walking after eating meals. People say it affects your body, but in reality, it is good for health, that’s what experts are saying. Are you feeling heavy after a meal? Go for a walk to lighten your body. It is a fact that laziness surrounds your body after a heavy meal and you just feel like having a nap. And there’s where you do the wrong. Having a nap right after a meal is dangerous and causes acidity and heartburn.

Here Are What Experts Are Saying:

  • Walking after eating meals can lower the risk of heart disease. It increases your energy level.
  • Experts say that a short walk after eating manages a person’s blood sugar levels. It improves symptoms such as gas and bloating and stimulates the digestive system.
  • Many people after eating start jogging which is not good for health as it can cause stomach ache or even bloating. Start with a 5-6 minutes’ walk at a light pace and then increase the time to 10 minutes maximum at a moderate pace.
  • It is not necessary to walk outside, you can walk indoors too. Walk from one room to another for 10 minutes maximum.

  • Research says that going for a light walk after a meal helps in burning calories and stimulates the metabolism.
  • Especially for diabetes patients, it’s very important and advisable to walk for 10 minutes after eating meals.
  • People get confused about how long should they walk and experts say that 10 minutes walk after every meal is sufficient for your body. You can increase it to 15 minutes but it’s advisable not to overboard with it.

In brief, a 10-minute walk at a light to moderate pace after eating is best for your body to boost digestion, weight loss and keep stomach problems at bay.

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