Chhavi Mittal Slams A Man For Comparing Pregnant Woman With A Cow

Social media is as much a boon as it is a bane. While it has brought the world together, it has also given a free platform to the spineless creatures to put forward their disgusting views which they would never have uttered had it not been for social media. Trolling, slut shaming, fat shaming, cyberbullying, and slamming people seems to have become the favorite past time activity of many netizens. And trolling seems to top the list. Every day we see Bollywood stars and other celebrities being trolled for something or the other on social media. Recently, a man tried to compare a pregnant woman with a cow and the SIT actress Chhavi Mittal, who is currently experiencing the phase of pregnancy, couldn’t keep her cool.

It was only recently when Chhavi indirectly lashed out at a follower (for all the right reasons), who messaged her about his wife’s post-pregnancy weight and compared her to a cow saying “is becoming a cow already”. Sharing more about the disgraceful message and her thoughts for all husbands, Chhavi yet again, voiced her opinions beautifully.

Further, she wrote, “Let me begin by thanking each one of you who have been following my posts and inboxing/commenting with your feedback and queries. However, I was completely shocked by a query in my inbox recently. A husband reached out to me asking for weight loss tips for his pregnant wife, who he said “is becoming a cow already”! It pains me immensely to know that a husband, who is seeing his wife go through the daily pain of pregnancy can completely disregard the sacrifice that she has made in terms of her own body, to create a new life for both of them! How can somebody be so insensitive towards their own life partner! What sort of person can treat a woman, any woman in that way!”

The post could be further read as, “I implore all men, all husbands to RESPECT women around you. Especially if she is pregnant but nevertheless! A woman.. your wife… is getting ready to tear her own body apart to get this beautiful being into this world.. a world which she believes is full of love.. love for her and her baby… So love your wife, because nobody in the world will be with you in your worst times as much as your gorgeous wife, who sticks with you through your romance as much as she does through your rotten temper. And trust me, she will give you FAR more than you will ever give her in your whole life! #Wives.”

Chhavi Mittal, a few hours back, also posted a very useful tip about having caffeine during pregnancy and shared, “Lots of people showing a lot of concern regarding the consumption of coffee during pregnancy. While it’s really a personal choice, I’d still like to bring my own thoughts out in the open. DISCLAIMER: These are my own conclusions that I have formed after a lot of reading and advice from my OBGYN. Drinking coffee is not the best thing during pregnancy. However, if you must consume some, make sure that it’s under 200mg per day. This is roughly 2 weak cups a day, depending on the brand you’re consuming or the cafe you’re visiting. Additionally if you’re drinking decaf or tea or green tea along with a cup of coffee, do remember to count the caffeine quotient in these as well! Also, although there are risks associated with coffee consumption during pregnancy, these risks are minor.”

Chhavi Mittal further wrote, “So here’s my take away from this: Set your limit, and strictly stay below it. When I make coffee for myself at home or in office, I stick to decaf. That’s about 10-15 mg a cup. When I go to CCD & drink my favourite cold coffee, I put only half the shot they normally use. That’s about a 100 mg. And in total I drink about 4 cups a week. So for all those coffee loving pregnant mothers… Take a deep breath… Relax…. Take a decision regarding this beverage, and stop being regretful about it! Having negative feelings is far worse for your baby than having a few mgs of caffeine! Also attaching an article in my story for you to read. Love & peace from me to you mamas #coffee.”

Speaking about Chhavi Mittal’s lash-out, kudos to her! Dear men, it is quintessential that you treat your lady right. Giving birth is harder than you can imagine!


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