Chunky Panday Reacts On Daughter, Ananya Panday’s Relationship With Aditya Roy Kapur, ‘How Dare I..’ Here’s What He Says!

Recently, Chunky Panday, Ananya Panday’s father, expressed his opinions regarding his daughter’s relationship with Aditya Roy Kapur and what he believes when she talks about her boyfriend. 

Chunky Panday spoke about his daughter, Ananya Panday’s alleged relationship with Aditya Roy Kapur

In a recent interview with Lehren, Ananya’s father, Chunky, discussed a number of aspects of his daughter’s life. He praised her for establishing herself in the business without assistance from anyone and claimed that Ananya would still have pursued her dream of acting if he hadn’t been an actor. Chunky also acknowledged that he has been an anxious father, admitting that he worries more about his daughters’ partners than he does about his own. 

When asked about Ananya’s connection with her boyfriend, Aditya Roy Kapur, and how frequently she talks about him, the actor also stated that his daughter is free to do as she pleases. Saying that his daughter is twenty-five years old, he stated he would not dare tell her about her relationships. Chunky shared how Ananya earned more than him. 

“I mean it’s fine. I mean, she is 25. She is earning more money than I am right now. So she is free to do what she wants to. How dare I tell her, my 25-year-old daughter, that you have a boyfriend? I mean I can understand, if she was 14 years old or something, I could interfere but no, no.”

Chunky Panday says that his daughters are very close to their mother, Bhavana

Later in the conversation, the reporter inquired about his relationship with his two children, Ananya and Rysa, and whether they feel free to speak with him. In response, Chunky said that his girls’ mother Bhavana is very close to both of them. But he gets called if his daughters ever need anything. The only other person that is exceptionally close to their daughters is Chunky’s wife. In his own words: 

“Both my girls are really close to Bhavana. Whenever they need something then papa gets a call. But otherwise they are very close to their mother. Of course, Bhavana is closer to their age. I am always there when advice is needed.”

In the same encounter, the journalist asked the actor to name his proudest moment about the professional endeavours of his daughter, Ananya. Chunky finally admitted that the proudest moment for her was when Ananya accepted her first film offer. He also mentioned that his daughter chose to work on the film and won it on her own. Described how Ananya was accepted at colleges concurrently, Chunky said:

“The proudest moment was when she got her first film, and she decided to do it. I think they found her a little very young the first time, then she went for the audition and she got the film. She also got into New York and LA colleges, there was pressure on family. I kept her college admission for 6 months, I paid some $500 dollars and kept it, because who knows, it might not have worked out. So that was a proud moment, she got that film on her own.”

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